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MR. Suryanarayana Kotipalli Murthy
Director - Kala Swayamkrush Milan Association

My experience in undergoing the process of empanelment in Independent Director’s database is amazing and enjoyed the online learning and self-testing environment of the portal. It took only 21 days to register and get empanelled as Independent Director in the database. With my diverse educational background and about 4+ decades experience in BFSI and Academics registered my candidature on Dec 1, 2020 and qualified in the proficient test on Dec 21,2020. In the first two weeks completed all the ...42 online modules and third week taken mock tests running up to final test on Dec 21, 2020. As the regulations are fast evolving, lifelong learning keeps update with compliance requirements and add value to the corporate culture and ethics. The online learning platform of IICA is meeting this gap. In nutshell, I gained lot of knowledge and insights through the entire online learning platform of IICA. Thanks to IICA and Ministry of Corporate Affairs in providing the learning platform to all the aspiring Independent Directors. As such it is worth undergoing this process even though certain exemptions granted to the candidates, who held Key Managerial Positions in Public companies earlier.

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DR. Vaijayanti Pandit
Women Independent Director - Since 2013 on a couple of Boards

When the Ministry of Corporate Affairs made it mandatory for IDs to take up an online Proficiency Test, conducted by the IICA in Oct. 2019, my reaction was like everyone else… "why should we appear for an exam? We have all the education experience and knowledge”. When the idea behind it sunk in gradually, I decided to start studying and researching on how to clear this exam. With lockdown announced, I started browsing 42 Learning Modules, classified as Board Basics and Board Practices wit...h some very good case studies and soon I felt so enlightened and happy. Truly experienced that knowledge is empowerment and knowledge is enlightenment. The mock tests are excellent flavor of the question papers. Acquiring a new skill and giving the first online exam at the age of 67 was truly a motivational experience. The technology team and the facilitators of the Proficiency Test are very proactive, supportive and prompt in their responses. Big thanks to the team for their excellent initiatives in engaging and educating the Independent Directors. My best wishes.

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Rajiva Sinha
Member(Finance), RERA, Bihar/ Ex DG, C&AG/Ex Chairman/Coordinator, UN Panel of Experts

The platform is awesome, full of high-quality stuff and innovative ideas. The Registration process was amazingly smooth and user-friendly. E-learning courses are comprehensive, covering wide gamut of relevant subjects and will go a long way in refreshing the skills and knowledge of the prospective IDs. The assessment test was very well organised, with excellent back up support. Result was out, in minutes with in-depth analysis. A great and enriching experience indeed !! A big thanks to you and y...our team. You all are doing a great service to the nation. Keep it up.

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GENERAL Bikram Singh
Former Indian Army Chief

The independent director’s databank is an outstanding user friendly platform that empowers Independent Directors to fulfil their monitoring and advisory roles effectively. Good corporate governance is critical for accomplishing our national ‘Atamnirbhar’ mission. Towards this end, the role of IICA in capacity enhancement of the board of directors and management teams of various enterprises is laudable. As an Independent Director, I have benefitted immensely from this integrated Learning... Management System. My gratitude and best wishes to IICA.

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Ajay Nanavati
Chairman (retired) - Syndicate Bank and MD (retired) 3M India

Independent Directors’ Databank – Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA), has created some outstanding resources to enhance the quality of corporate governance in India. This is a much-needed area of focus as the country marches towards the goal of a $5 trillion economy. The sharing of global best practices and the creation of a database of qualified candidates will go a long way in filling a gap that has existed.

MR. Pradeep Malu
Mentor of Change - Niti Aayog, Independent Director

Independent Director Databank (IDDB) is a great initiative by IICA. Experience of registering as an Independent Director in IDDB website was simply good. Existing and past directorship details come pre-filled, linked with MCA and DIN portal. Training modules are in-depth, content-rich. Frequent webinars with experts help in improving the knowledge base and skills of Independent Directors. Overall, it is a great initiative by MCA and IICA. My experience have been excellent! It would go a long wa...y to build competent ID capacity for the corporate world and for good governance. Compliments to IICA and team for the excellent work and best wishes …

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DR. Kalpana Chittaranjan
Member - Joint Council of Action for Women, Southern Railway, Chennai and Aspiring Independent Director

My little apprehensions of taking online self-assessment test for Independent Directors / Women Directors laid to a rest once I became familiar with ID DB domain and its platform. The 42 modules and mock tests came in very handy in clearing online self-assessment test. Very impressed by IICA and its various initiatives constantly taken at all levels, on an ongoing basis, to improve and strengthen the Independent Directors Databank... wishing it all success in achieving its goals and objectives.

DR. Raja Mogili Amirishetty
Ex-Company Secretary and Vice-President-Legal, Tata Group

Glad to inform, Independent Directors’ Databank portal is an excellent one. Its e-learning modules are informative and add value to the existing knowledge to all including Professionals. The continuous educative process involving important updates, newsletter (The Hub) contents therein are really useful. Sincerely congratulate IICA and the team – keep it up and continue to promote the agents of change!

Cyrus Pithawalla
Major General (Retired)

I compliment for introducing 'eLearning capsule' with the aim to train and empower IDs. This capsule covers an entire gamut of essentials required for IDs to discharge their duties effectively on good Corporate Governance. The colossal effort put to bring this composite training package is most commendable and praiseworthy. Each subject is deliberated keeping in view of the functional requirements of IDs. Trainers explained the meticulously prepared course contents very well. The entire exercise... is extremely educative, motivating and fruitful. I feel much more confident in fulfilling my responsibilities as an ID and adding value to the Board Room deliberations.

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Alpana Bhattacharyya
An aspiring Independent Director

Congratulations for the excellent resource modules for Independent Directors. They are brief, to the point… containing the sections and areas relevant for Independent Directors... found the ID DB portal very positive, warm. It has been an enriching and overwhelming experience. I keep reverting to the portal to clear my doubts and queries. The courses are extremely well thought out and well presented.

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