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Program Overview

Almost everyone is affected by valuation - be it courts, governments, regulators, quasi-judicial authorities, bankers, auditors, lawyers, investors or other stakeholders. Understanding of valuation is critical for sound regulation, policy making, financing/lending, litigation, mergers and acquisitions, disinvestment, restructuring, strategic alliances, compliance etc.

IVCP is designed as an integrated and practical online program on valuation. Consisting of 20 modules, the program will be delivered online over three levels, 400+ hours and 11 months. The course is aligned to International Valuation Standards giving it a global flavor which is necessary in the present interconnected world. The faculty consists of global experts drawn from academia, industry and regulatory bodies, Alumni benefit offers opportunity for lifelong learning and networking.

Major Features

  • 20 Modules
  • 400+ Hours of delivery
  • 11 Month Online Study
  • IICA Campus Immersions – 3 visits
  • Aligned to International Valuation Standards
  • Best in class online learning through Learning Management System
  • Immersive Pedagogy - Courses taught using 'IICA way of Learning' through a blend of theory and practice
  • Master Classes though global faculty and practioners
  • Recorded Sessions available throughout the course
  • Alumni Association

For details kindly visit Course Website or email us for more information at valuation@iica.in.

Upcoming Programs

Program Overview

In the 21st century, the key to better corporate governance lies in the working relationships between boards and managers, in the social dynamics of board interaction, and in the competence, integrity, and constructive involvement of individual directors. While the Companies Act 2013 and SEBI Regulatory framework make efforts to encourage adoption of best practices, many of these aspects cannot be legislated.

Through a mix of energizing keynotes and panels, interactive breakouts, and case study exercises; this workshop led by experts from the IICA and Industry- is designed to help participants gain actionable best practices and guidance to make an immediate impact in their boardrooms.

Topics Covered

  • Corporate Governance & the Companies Act 2013 / SEBI LODR Provisions
  • Business Case of CG & Responsible Business Conduct
  • Board roles, Oversight and Value Creation
  • Internal Finance Controls, Related Party Transactions
  • Effective Board Practices & Resolving deadlock in the boardroom
  • Boards and culture, relationship dynamics
  • Effectiveness of role of Board Committees with special focus on Audit Committee
  • Risk governance and compliance
  • Board challenges in corporate crises and distress
  • Driving Financial Performance
  • Corporate Reporting, Regulatory Requirements, Emerging Trends
  • ESG, Sustainability & CSR Leadership with and without authority for effective decision making Processes and behaviours

Program Date:

11-13 November 2021 (09:30 – 16:30)

Program Venue:

Goa (3/4 Star Property)

Program Fee:

40,000 + 18% GST (Fee includes 3 Night accommodation, All meals, Program Kit, Study Material & IICA certification).

Key Information:

For registrations and associated workshop details, please contact Mr. Manoj Singh, Chief Program Executive – IICA | 7500839434 | manoj.singh@iica.in | Following the registration, a confirmation email will be sent to the participant.

Registration Policy:

Registration is on first come, first serve basis.

Program Overview

The demand for dynamic, visionary & futuristic board members has increased substantially in India and so has the need for proper training to equip them to cope up with the rigorous competition. A Board which does not perform well and works with a lackadaisical attitude can translate into a liability for the company. Untrained directors expose the company to perils which may lead to criminal prosecutions, steep fines along with loss of reputation of such directors themselves and of the company. In realisation of this, the IICA Familiarization programme for Independent Directors is designed keeping in mind the unique training requirements and challenges of newly appointed Independent Directors on Boards.

Characterized by interactive sessions, presentations and relevant industry cases, some of the key topics that will be covered are as follows:
  • Corporate Governance Framework: National & Global Perspectives
  • Board Governance & Dynamics
  • Board Effectiveness & Role of Independent Directors
  • Effective Decision making through Board Committees
  • CEO - Board Dynamics
  • Understanding Finance for Effective Internal Controls
  • Corporate Resilience & Role of the Board
  • Strategic Role of the Board in VUCA World
  • Integrated Thinking and ESG

Key Information:

For registration, please contact Mr. Manoj Singh, IICA - SoCGPP at +91-7500839434 or manojsingh.iica@gmail.com | manoj.singh@iica.in

Program Fee:

INR 20,000 including GST (Fee include Training Cost, certificate cost and LMS cost).

Program Venue:

Virtual (Webex/IICA blackboard)

Last Date of Registration:

Last date of registration is 25 September 2021

Course Features:

  • Certification in 4 months with Live Online Classes
  • Best in Class Global learning experience with Blackboard Learning Management System
  • Peer to Peer learning with Feedback
  • IICA Campus Immersions – 3 visits of a day each (Pre-program / Mid Program / Program End) (Will be in virtual mode for coming batch)
  • Campus Immersions would facilitate discussions with faculty and other invited industry leaders
  • Learning from Industry Experts, Directors and Academia
  • Application oriented learning using Cases studies
  • Assignments, Group working & presentations
  • Online Assessment / Examination (Midterm & Term End)

Learning Objectives:

Numerous studies have concluded that well-governed organizations perform better in commercial terms and are less likely to suffer damage to reputation and profits. It is generally agreed that by adopting Corporate Governance best practices one can contribute towards the attainment of the following objectives with the respective company’s one is associated with:

  • Improve access to external finance
  • Lower the cost of capital
  • Improve operational performance
  • Improve share performance
  • Reduce the risk of corporate crises

Who Can Participate?

Board Members, Independent & Women Directors, Aspiring Directors, Compliance Officers, Company Secretaries, Internal Auditors, CFOs, Auditors, Promoters of business

Program Fee: INR 40,000 + 18% GST

Last Date of Registration: 15 September 2021 (registration may close before date also)

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